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dating, online dating, romance

This is a post for IGN and limited offer during beta. Send custom offer up to double your normal rate and we will accept or make counter offer. You should already have a listing with your normal rate before sending offer. Do not inflate your rate, we will also consider your profiles metrics. This offer can be stacked with other IGN bonuses/promotions.

We would like you to post on any of your networks about our Google Play/IOS app called: Still A Frog
The app can be found at: https://stillafrog.com

When possible include a link to our website: https://stillafrog.com

When possible include either the app name or episode title.

About the app: Experience a new modern "fairy-tale" every day. You can listen to stories of online dating encounters that are funny, romantic, wistful or erotic and enjoy them in your car, while you get ready for your next date or just when you feel the desire to escape.

When possible you can embed one of our YouTube videos found at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZoItyDlLTR3XLIjLM9ajzQ

We would like to promote specific episodes any of the following:
Baptist and Buddhist
Erotic*****(there's nothing erotic in it, but it's hugely popular)
Dimwitted 20 or 30 Year Old
Epilogue (wistful more than funny, but hugely popular)
Old Sweet Song
Skeet Range
Railway Station Rendezvous
Women Thinking Logically
Yes, Yes, Oh God, Yes
Quintessential Female Questions
“Is it really a lie if ... ?”
I Think I Love You
This Is What D**khead Wrote
No Serial Daters
Love, Mr. Darcy

We can send further details and specific media based on which platform your offer is for.


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August 5, 2020