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January 31, 2022

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We are looking for influencers and content creators to shoutout our Apple/Play Store App "Still-A-Frog" on any major social media platform (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others).

Our target audience is broad so we would accept reasonable offers from most influencers or content creators. We are not targeting content creators whos content is designed specifically for children or young teens since the short stories featured in our app are about dating.

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Experience a new modern "fairy-tale" every day. You can listen to stories of online dating encounters that are funny, romantic, wistful or erotic and enjoy them in your car, while you get ready for your next date or just when you feel the desire to escape.

We can provide text, image, video, audio, whatever media you prefer that is best for your platform. We are flexible with the content of the shoutout, basically we would like to let them know about the app and an @ to our website or one of our social media profiles.

Send us an offer and we will submit a suggested shoutout for your review. Please include a link to your profile where you will make the shoutout, and how long until you will remove the shoutout with your rate.


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January 7, 2022